This project is one that is very dear to us.  A 1600 square foot farmhouse nestled in the quiet countryside of Gull Lake, SK.  It was an exterior face lift that our clients’ had been dreaming about for years.

The existing exterior finish was warped, discoloured, and different styles from the original home to the addition that had been added on years later.  Everything was very light in colour, and it was time to mix things up a little.

Once the dated exterior had been pulled off, it was time to beef up the insulation on the exterior walls by adding 1″ rigid insulation.  We started noticing some excessive rot on the wall sheathing of the addition that was in contact with the ground.  To rectify the issue, we removed all the rotting sheathing on the bottom half of the addition and replaced them with specially treated sheathing that is intended for permanent ground contact.  Doors and windows were replaced with new high performance units.  We were taking a much different direction in terms of colour this time around.  Black aluminum fascia and soffit topped off by a dark grey “Windswept Smoke” vinyl siding.  A completely different look from the original finish.

We were deeply saddened to receive news that after a short battle with cancer our client had passed away.  We hope that wherever you are, you’re still looking down at your home with that big smile.  This one’s in loving memory of you, Cindy.

  • 1″ Rigid Exterior Insulation
  • Housewrap Weather Barrier
  • High Performance Vinyl Windows
  • Fibreglass Entry & Patio Doors
  • Aluminum Fascia / Soffit
  • Gentek “Windswept Smoke” Vinyl Siding
  • Updated Exterior Lighting
  • Foundation Finish By Others