This property dates back to the early 1940’s.  The main objective for this project was to replace some outdated windows that were becoming a bit of an eye sore and lacking in efficiency.  After pealing back the layers, it became very obvious that the bedroom at the front of the home had been taking in water from the porch roofline. The area was completely saturated, rotting, and certainly not doing its intended job.  The wall was completely gutted and closed back in with new material.  After determining that the porch was the source of the problem, it was time to bring it down and make way for a new one.  The new deck is now properly centered with the front door and large enough to add in some planters or seating.  The 4 new windows were trimmed with a maintenance-free PVC trim board, which was a look our clients really loved.  With a fresh new set of windows, all new vinyl siding, upgraded exterior lighting.  This property was no longer lacking the curb appeal our clients’ were looking for.  Their days of leaky windows are in the past, and they couldn’t be happier.