This project was all about bringing back a piece of a client’s past.  Growing up at her parents residence, she had fond memories of a spacious backyard and deck that was full of family and friends.  It was now time to create something similar in her own backyard for her 3 young children to enjoy.  The upper portion of the deck is a 111 square foot barbecue and meal prep area, allowing access from the backdoor down into the backyard.  The lower portion is what this deck is all about.  The 560 square foot area provides ample space for lounging and entertaining for all family and friends.  The structure underneath the lower portion has been enclosed with a pressure treated skirting, which offers an excellent finishing touch.  The existing sandbox was incorporated into the deck structure.  This area will act as a future location for a hot tub with a nice set of stairs leading into.  With a backyard like this, they’re sure to be a popular bunch in the neighbourhood.