We find ourselves back in South Western Saskatchewan for another exterior renovation in Hazlet, SK.  This 1000 square foot home looks to have finally found a permanent property after being moved for a third time.  The home itself is only 870 square feet with the additional 130 being made up of an old garage turned mud room.

The house was moved into Hazlet to provide means of accommodation for our client’s parents.  They were willing to pack up their lives and move across the province so that they could lend a hand with raising a growing family.  Buying her parents a home was a token of appreciation for all they had done for her.  However, she was’t going to put them up in any plain old home, it was time to go from bland to beautiful in blue.

The exterior walls were beefed up with 2″ rigid insulation.  Window and door openings were built out with plywood boxes and interior jamb sizes were increased for the additional insulation.  Walls were strapped with a 3/4″ rainscreen to provide means of fastening and allows for additional draining and evaporation.  All new high performance windows & doors, aluminum fascia / soffit, vinyl siding, and asphalt shingles.

When working on the soffits throughout the mud room area we came across a potential fire hazard that should have never been left in the condition it was.  Live electrical wires had been cut and left sitting on top of fibreglass insulation in the ceiling.  We brought in our electricians to eliminate the wiring and all potential fire hazards.  At the end of the project we were able to walk away with piece of mind knowing that everything had been brought back up to code.  The added soffit pot lights were truly the cherry on top.

  • 2″ Rigid Exterior Insulation
  • Housewrap Weather Barrier
  • 3/4″ Exterior Wall Rainscreen
  • High Performance Vinyl Windows
  • Fibreglass Entry Doors
  • KWP Naturetech Engineered Wood Trim Boards
  • Aluminum Fascia / Soffit
  • Soffit Pot Lights
  • Gentek “Coastal Blue” Vinyl Siding (Exterior Walls)
  • Kaykan “Smoke” Perfection Shingle Polypropylene Shakes (Gable Ends)
  • IKO Architectural Shingles
  • Foundation Finish By Others